Indian Recipes

Immunity Booster Turmeric Recipes

Turmeric , a golden colour ingredient in the kitchen is the unmatchable substitute of many allopathic medicines. Ayurveda, use it in treating joint pain, arthritis, infections, increasing immunity, indigestion, inflammation. Unique recipes to consume turmeric in your diet.

Herbal Teas Recipe

Make your day refreshing with these Herbal Teas. They are detoxifiers, normalizes your gut health, super drinks..

Milk for Lactose Intolerants

Making milk from the plant based food is the new trend. it is nutritious, tasty and free from pollutants. 

Thandai In 3 Different Ways

Making Thandai at home in few easy steps. Sharing the instant thandai recipe and traditional thandai in 2 different ways.

Dry and Wet Chutney Recipes

Chutney being the taste enhancer of our menu, can be nutrient value. Try making these different variety of chutneys at home and enhance your health(dry chutney can be used for travelling purpose as well).

Winter Vegetable Soup

Soups are the hot or cold liquid food made out of different vegetables and pulses. The nutrients of the soup prepare your intestine and helps in absorption of food. Various Healthy Vegetable Soup are in the recipes.



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