Cultivating Healthy Habits: Nurturing a Foundation for Lifelong Well-Being

“If you want the world better for your kids, make it better for everyone.” Instilling healthy habits in children lays the groundwork for a future of well-being and vitality. Childhood is a formative period when habits are easily formed, making it the ideal time to introduce behaviors that promote physical, mental, and emotional health. With every coming year, the no. of cancer patients soaring high, diabetes has become common found disease, poor immune system, obesity, anxiety, stress and what not is there in the list. These diseases have not only confined to adults or old age but commonly found in the children too. Years for life are increasing but quality of life is decreasing. This is the red alert for us and we have to wake up, we have to work on the coming generation, for their better tomorrow.

Children are like a small plant, that will grow the way you nourish them.  They always learn more from what you are, than what you teach. So you have to follow the rules of changing the lifestyle, before teaching it to your child. First step of any change will always be yours. Let’s give them a life with which is full of wonderful fairy tales, smooth, stress free and magical.

Be the magician of your future family!

Understand your Today’s lifestyle

In today’s lifestyle children are on the wrong path of opting unhealthy food because we as an adults are teaching them the same. Children need motivation not judgment. First, we have to improve and change our perspective and make us aware about healthy and quality living. Some of the common lifestyle that we follow on our own, and which our children learning from us. Let’s take a look.

  • We all agree that we don’t get the purity in food that our previous generations got. Food is contaminated, synthetic and adulterated.
  • When we are already having adulterated food products we add on, by following unhealthy food habits. By using frozen food, food additives, instant ready to eat products.
  • Not just the food is adulterated; the environment has polluted our mind too. 50% of the population is dealing with the anxiety, stress, attempting suicide issues. Some are aware and some are not even aware about their depression. If we are not happy from inside what thought process we are going to deliver to our child.
  • ‘All work and no play make you grey’. Exercising has stopped abruptly in our lifestyle; we need everything to be remote operated, home delivered, and completely automatic. This has made us lazy and immobile.
  • We depend too much on medicines for very smaller issues. Even a small pain has now being unbearable to us, and we rescue from the pain by painkillers. In spite of letting body recover on his own we trust more on medicines(Allopathy specially)

Consequences of unawareness among us

What can be consequences of being unaware about the body? We neglected our body now our body will neglect us. This way we will be cutting our own throat.

  • Diseases will be self invited in our body after these negligence
  • It will disturb our immune system; body won’t be able to fight back on its own.
  • It will make you obese, inactive, and weak from inside and outside.
  • Stress will become your life partner, depression will affect you badly.
  • You will be disconnected socially.
  • It is viscous circle of becoming unfit and getting disconnected.
  • Worst part is we are going to teach the same to our next generations.

Children needs to be aware about

  • Eat healthy and choose healthy:

Eating healthy means, to cook healthy. Don’t depend on instant products, packed food, frozen snacks. Make a freshly cooked meal for the family. If you don’t have enough time or money, don’t focus on variety but please focus on food that you feed to your family.

  • Children learn from the family:

Let family set the right example for them, once they adapt the healthy eating and choosing the right food. When the habit of healthy eating is formed, it will be there with them for longer generations.

  • Yoga ,Meditate and Exercise:

Any burden in life, be it small or big can be handled easily by the child, when he is mentally peaceful, happy from inside. Life is a long competition for them, we can’t stop them, but yes we can prepare them. This preparation involves yoga, meditation and play. They will learn lot many life skills with this and a strong base to fight the world.

  • Mindful Screen Time: Help children develop a healthy relationship with technology:

       1) Screen Limits: Set limits on screen time and encourage offline activities.

       2)Quality Content: Encourage educational and age-appropriate content.

Nothing will happen in one go, changes will take time. But it is not impossible to achieve. Once you adapt the change you are going to revolutionize yours and your children’s life.  Take your time and analyze what is right for you and for them. Step forward and believe in yourself!!

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