Indian Kitchen Ingredients role in "Home Remedies"

Indian kitchen ingredients are treasure of health miracles and ayurveda too is interlinked to it for ages. They are being admired world-wide for its distinguishable advantage with very minimum side effects. Food preservations, immunity boosters, healing the body, skin diseases, curing the pain and infections can be done using these ingredients. There are recommended dosage for each to get best benefit and zero reactions. Pitta, Vata and Kapha doshas in ayurveda uses many age old techniques with these super ingredients to treat the ailments.

Let’s see how these kitchen ingredients plays wonders in curing prolonged health issues.

These are some age old home remedies/ Ghar ke nuskhe from home available ingredients:

Ingredients which has heat producing properties, in ayurveda it is Pitta Dosha

1)Turmeric or Haldi:                                                             

Haldi is super star of the kitchen. This golden ingredient is an immunity booster, source of calcium, cures infections, have healing properties, best for cough and cold, applied on skin for cleansing. Having pitta(hot) properties it is always recommended to combine it with the ingredients which has kapha(cold) properties.


2)Ginger or Adrak :                                                                                                                                       

Ginger plays magical for cough and cold.  In sore throat ginger soothes the pain and reduces the symptoms.  It has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties which helps in curing congestion, asthama, cold  and cough, bad throat. Ginger juice can be addded with honey or take with milk. Ginger tea is also effective in subsiding the effects of common flu.

3)Cinnamon or dalchini or Canela :        

Like the above kitchen ingredient cinnamon also has anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties. So cinnamon can also be taken as a substitute for treating cough and cold, soreness in throat, aches and pains. Most of the cough syrup and powder(churna) have some amount of cinnamon in it. It is mostly recommended for the person who is suffering from asthma and dry cough and also high blood pressure. Cinnamon can be taken with honey or with milk, but the quantity of it should not be more then 1/2 tsp in a day.


4)Carom Seeds or Ajwain                                                                                                                             

Carom seeds is the first thing comes in mind when we talk about IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) or acid reflux or bloating. Ajwain can be used in the powder form or consume its seeds or soak it overnight and consume the water or make ajwain tea, all gives instant relief.  Quantity of carom seeds also matters a lot, should not be consumed more then 1 tsp in 1 day. Otherwise it will have its own adverse effects.  


5)Black Salt:

Black Salt can be your daily ingredient which you can use on regular basis. Sprinkle them on salads, fruits, buttermilk, soups and in your daily food. (As we know it doesn’t contain iodine in it, so common salt is also essential for this nutrient) Black salt aids in digestion of food, clears your sore throat, like all other salt, it helps in losing weight. It is excellent for the people who suffers from weak gut , they should definitely include black salt in their meal.  

Ingredients which are has cooling properties, in Ayurveda it is vata dosha:

 1)Cumin Seeds/Jeera:                                                                                                                                     

Cumin is the BFF(best friend for of our digestive system. Using as much cumin in your diet if your stomach upsets frequently. It has anti oxidants, cleansing properties, pace up your metabolism, controls the weight gain. Jeera can be used while cooking vegetables, dal,  add roasted cumin to your buttermilk, for instant relief try cumin tea/jeera chai. 


2)Coriander Seeds/Sabut Dhaniya/ Cilantro Seeds:                                                                                       

Coriander Seeds are the coolants of the kitchen. It has cooling properties that reduces the pitta of the body and keep the indigestion issues at bay. Having all these in the morning empty stomach is very beneficial-> Drinking the tea of these seeds ,eating panjiri of seeds or coriander seeds ladoos. Indian cooking makes the most use of it by adding it in cooked vegetables, gravies and pulses.


3)Sauf / Fennel Seeds:

Fennel seeds have cooling properties and are always recommended to eat fennel seeds with rock sugar after your meal, if you face acidity, bloating after eating any food. It is excellent for digestion and cools down your body heat. Have fennel seeds tea, sharbat/squash, make its thandai or simply have it in raw form. Fennel seeds also helps in controlling nausea, travelling sickness. So next time while you are travelling keep the fennel seeds handy if your are the person who gets sick by travelling.  


4)Black pepper/ Marich/Kali mirchi:

Black pepper/ Marich are an excellent kitchen ingredient which acts as a coolant (Vata) and also as a heat producer (pitta) in your body. Its properties depend upon the quantity in which it is used. It plays significant role in curing lungs infection, sore throat, indigestion, removes toxins, treats infections, cures the swelling.

Note: These are all home remedies which are being tested. But every ingredient works differently on every body.  Always consult your doctor first before starting any of these remedies if you feel discomfortI

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