Health is the New GOAL

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Food Intolerances

Good Digestion and Absorption defines your complete health. It is not possible that everyone is tolerant to all the foods and intolerance can cause indigestion. Certainly, there are some common intolerants foods which can be replaced with the easy to digest ones….

The power of Kitchen Ingredients

From decades, our kitchen ingredients are the game changer, the best healer, they are authentic with zero side effects . I say it ‘Mummy ke Nushke’, which every mom in our country has to deal with any health affair. These tips heal any common cold, stomach aches, weight loss, immunity boosters and what not…

Seeds are the Super food

Some of the commonly known seeds which we were aware about more and used frequently in our sweets/Ladoos are mostly poppy seeds(khus khus ke dane), melon seeds(magaz ke dane). Recent discoveries on food found lot many seeds to be very nutritious and beneficial health wise. Lets take a look at some of them and how to add in our daily diet. 

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