Revitalize and Rejuvenate: Explore the World of DETOX DRINKS

Detox drinks have gained popularity as a means to cleanse the body, promote vitality, and enhance overall well-being.In common words, cleaning the body is called detoxification. By detoxifying the body we are removing the toxins from our system, making our immune system ready to fight diseases and balance the overall brain and body functioning. There are two types of cleaning- External Cleaning and Internal Cleaning. Internal cleaning we do with meditation, yoga and exercise. External cleansing is done ayurvedic therapy or by home available remedy. Ayurveda uses different kriyas to cleanse the system like virechan, kriya, vaman, basti. We will not be going it the detail of ayurveda method, here we will discuss on various home methods which can detoxify our whole system. We will see how a simple change in lifestyle can change our whole set of health diseases.     

Do these lifestyles changes to avoid toxins->

  • Avoid smoking and alcohol; they are the major production of toxins.
  • Avoid packed food and beverages.
  • Eat fresh and seasonal fruits and vegetables.
  • Frozen food is not fresh so eliminate from your diet.
  • Reduce the consumption of sugar products.
  • Drink good amount of water regularly.
  • Avoid synthetic food color.
  • Sweat a lot and exercise daily.
  • Fasting helps in the elimination of toxins.
  • Live a stress free life, keep yourself away from negativity.
  • Eat the food that detox your body.

Learn why is detox necessary->

  • If you are suffering from certain ailments detoxification is required.
  • Detox is necessary to keep the diseases at bay.
  • Process of detox cleanses the body as well as mind.
  • Having indigestion, bloating, acid reflux detox is the best solution.
  • This process helps in cleaning the skin and a solution to the skin related issues.
  • Detoxification gives you calmness, if you at peace from inside; it reflects the same outside.
  • It boosts your immunity system and overall health.
  • Gives you healthy gut and increases metabolism.

Food that helps in detoxifying our body->

  • Beetroot: Beet is rich source of iron and many other vitamins. Adding beetroot in your diet will help in detoxifying and increasing your hemoglobin too.
  • Watercress or jalkumbi: It can be used as a salad, like other salad of green vegetables watercress is also very healthy and helps in cleaning your intestine. 
  • Ginger or adrak: After having a heavy meal, drinking a ginger tea or having a ginger vegetable juice will help in digestion, boost your immunity and prepares your overall body. 
  • Garlic and onion: They are very good detoxifier agents, so adding them in your cooking, salads or soups are going to be win-win because they are taste enhancers and also keeps the toxins away from the system.
  • Fruits and Salads: Eating fresh fruits and salads helps in improving your gut. Having a healthy gut means a healthy you.  
  • Flaxseeds: Adding seeds to your daily meal always helps you in completing your balanced diet. They are packed with nutrients, fibers and anti-oxidants which helps in cleansing. 
  • Artichoke: Like all vegetables artichoke is high on fibers and support your digestive system. Have them in steamed form or in the form of salads.
  • Lemon and Lime: Lemons/ Limes are life saver for the people who have digestive issues, they also helps in keeping your gut on track. After consuming oily and spicy food, have the lemon water before meals, along with the meal or after that, it is beneficial in every form.

Home-Made concoctions to purify the body->

1) Detoxifier drink:

This drink is the combination of ingredients which are best in anti-oxidants and cleanses the whole intestine.


Water – 2 liter

Fennel seeds/ Sauf – 1.5 spoon

Coriander seeds/ sabut dhaniya – 1.5 spoon

Cumin seeds/ jeera – 1.5 spoon

Take a pan, add water to it and add all the dry ingredients in it. Boil the water for about 10-15 mins, till all the added ingredients settles down.  Strain the water, drink it throughout the day to detox your body. These dry ingredients can also be soaked overnight in the same amount of water and boil it in the morning, with the same procedure. 

This detox water do wonders to your intestine and cleanses it completely.

2) Ajwain Water/Carom Seeds Water

Ajwain also has cleansing properties and helps in detoxifying the intestine. A healthy gut means a healthy you.


Water – 1 glass

Ajwain – 1 tsp

Add water in the pan and start boiling it. To this add ajwain and boil it for 5-6 mins. Strain the water and drink it after meals. Ajwain water also helps in subsiding PMS issues..

3) Ginger water

Ginger also has cleansing and anti- inflammatory properties, which helps in purifying the liver, intestine and stomach. Ginger water is also used for treating cough and cold.


Water – 1 glass

Grated ginger – 1 tsp

In a pan add water and take a boil. To this boiling water add grated ginger and boil for 2-3 mins. Strain the water and consume it hot for the best results. 

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